General rental policy

1. All lessees shall possess Hong Kong ID card and is over 18 of age. 
2. The minimum rental period for all items is 3 days, pickup and return days are not included in rental calculations.
3. The lessee shall refer to the manual’s or JOYO’s instruction when using the rental items, if damages incurred to the rental items due to the lessee’s improper usage or negligence, the lessee shall be liable for all damages and related costs. 
4. The lessee should possess insurance with enough coverage towards the items. In case of accidental damage towards the rental items, the lessee shall be liable for all damages and related costs.
5. The rental items are regulated under a reservation system. In the event of force majeure, JOYO may be unable to provide the reserved items on time (e.g.: natural disasters, weather, or other factors resulting in the former lessee’s lateness, damage of the items... etc) , a staff will inform the parties who made reservations, and try to replace a similar item to the originally reserved item, if the parties shall not opt for the replaced item, a full refund to the reservation will be issued. 
6. Shall the lessee need to postpone the return of rental items due to force majeure reasons, he/she must inform JOYO in advance (via phone or text messages), in order to facilitate the coordination of reservation for a subsequent rental, and late fees of 150% of daily rental will be charged. Rental items will be considered missing if it is being late over 5 days without notice, and the lessee shall be charge for items full prices and other related expense. 
7. Before picking up the rental item(s), the lessee has to provide photo ID in store(or via e-mail), JOYO will also be put a hold of deposit in the lessee’s credit card (deposit can also paid by cashier’s check or cash), the rental items will be delivered after confirming the identity and deposits is received correctly. 
8. The rental items provided by JOYO shall not be used for business, if solid case arise, JOYO have the right to cancel the fulfillment of the order. 
9. Lessee shall return the rental items to JOYO within office hours one day after the last rental day. Failure to do so will result to a late fee of 150% daily rental. 
10. All rental items opt for courier service must pay up rental and deposit in advance, and reservations should be made at least three days prior to the item receiving date to ensure timely delivery. All courier service for returning items should also be instructed and paid at least 3 days prior to the returning date. Lessees should package the returning items and hand them over to the courier company. Lessee will not be charged for any delay of return  caused by the courier company. It is lessee's responsibility to make sure rental items safely return to JOYO, and JOYO would not be responsible for the damage or lost caused during the courier service provider.
11. At the time of pickup, the lessee should perform a check-up on the rental item(s). If dysfunction or surface damages are to be found in the item(s), renter should arise to JOYO on the spot. Any dysfunction or surface damages happen from the pickup until the return of the item(s) will be held responsible to the renter, and renter has to paid the item original price for compensation or repairing cost, whichever is lesser.  
12. All rental items are properties of JOYO, renter shall not disassemble, replace parts nor amend the software in the items. 
13. During the rental period, renter shall inform JOYO immediately if any failure or damages occur to the rental item(s). JOYO shall decide whether the case can be fixed under warranties, and the renter shall be released from repairing responsibility if warranties are in place. If the rupture of the rental item(s) caused by a third party, the renter shall assist JOYO in pursuing compensation from the third party, or else compensation shall be paid by the renter if such assistance is not provided by the renter. 
14. The renter shall have the responsibility to keep the rental item(s) clean and tidy. If severe fouling and bad smell of the rental item(s) hinder the fulfillment schedule to the next reservation, JOYO may charge a cleaning fee of HK$250 for each item each time. 
15. Shall the reservation be cancelled, JOYO will refund the reservation fee according to the terms below: 
- Reservations cancelled on 3 days or less of pick up day: 100% of the reservation fee will be deducted. 
- Reservations cancelled 4-7 days before pick up day: 50% of the reservation fee will be deducted
- Reservations cancelled 8 days or more before pick up day: 100% of the reservation fee will be refunded.
16. In case of dispute, JOYO remain the right towards final decision.

Suitcase rental policy

1. Normal wear and tear caused by baggage check-in process would not incur any charges to lessees.
2. Different luggage damage levels:  



3. If you have to carry liquid with you, be sure the containers are properly package before placing into the suitcase to avoid overflow or leakage. Any serious dirty spot will cause an extra cleaning charge of HK$250.
4. Checked suitcase stickers and adhesive residue will be removed by our staff. Please refrain from cleaning the suitcase with a volatile solvent, as it might cause damage to the surface of the suitcase.
5. Please retain the boarding pass and baggage checked receipt of the return flight for one week. If some hidden damage found afterwards, you can still use them to file for a claims with the airlines.
6. Some aluminium suitcase may required to be checked-in with special protective covers, if the lessee can not cooperate, please change the reservation to a PVC material models.
7. Please select the appropriate size of suitcase for your travel, and avoid checking in empty suitcases to reduce the chance of damage.

GoPro rental policy

Lost GoPro accessories price list

GoPro accessoriesPrice
Handlebar MountHK$300
Feiyu G5 GimbalHK$2000
3-Way MountHK$300
Dog FetchHK$600
Chest HarnessHK$600
Aqua Red FilterHK$200
Aqua Megenta FilterHK$200
Polarized FilterHK$200
Floating PoleHK$200
Waterproof MonopodHK$200
GoPro accessoriesPrice
Head Strap MountHK$200
Wrist MountHK$200
Suction CupHK$500
SD Card 32GBHK$200
SD Card 64GBHK$350
USB Charging CableHK$100
Camera Housing 40MHK$500
Thumb ScrewHK$50/each

#Lost of the actual GoPro camera will be charged according to GoPro official HK website's original price
*Any damage or lost of GoPro accessories will be charged according to the price stated above

Drones rental policy

1. Drones rental is also subjected to general rental policy
2. Lessee must possess basic drone operation knowledge either from video provided by Rent-a-Suitcase or previous experience before start operating the rental drones. 
3. Before flying, Lessee must ensure the aircraft is flying in a legal location and that the actual environment is suitable for take off. Rent-a-Suitcase will not be responsible for any accident or legal matter occurred in the rental duration. 
4. The lessee should always pay attention to the power level and overheat situation of the aircraft to avoid getting the other parts damaged.
5. All rental aircraft are under the protection of warranty; however, the lessee shall be responsible for all repairing costs. Please refer to the Appendix for DJI Mavic Pro accessories lost and repair costs chart if necessary.
6. Shall the rental aircraft has been damaged or wet, the lessee must retain the body of the aircraft, in order to obtain proper maintenance and repair service. All damages without returning the body will be treated as lost of the aircraft. 
7. JOYO will not be responsible for any damage caused by system failure of the aircraft. The lessee shall ensure the aircraft function properly before flying the drones. Should any dysfunction is found, the lessee shall inform JOYO as soon as possible and stop the flight immediately.

Lost drones accessories price list

DJI Mavic accessoriesPrice
Battery Charging HubHK$299
Power CableHK$46
Intelligent Flight BatteryHK$499
Quick-release Folding PropellersHK$69/pair
Remote ControllerHK$2399
DJI Mavic accessoriesPrice
Shoulder BagHK$599
Gimbal CoverHK$89
MicroSD Card 16GBHK$95
Micro USB CableHK$68
Remote Controller CableHK$59
Replacement for AirCraft^HK$900

^Only for damages knowledged by DJI
#Lost of the actual DJI camera will be charged according to DJI official HK website's original price
*Any damage or lost of DJI accessories will be charged according to the price stated above

Camping gears rental policy

1. Camping gears rental is also subjected to general rental policy.
2. Lessee must possess basic operation knowledge towards the models before operating the rental gears. Lessee are recommended to refer to information provided by JOYO or seek for related information on official website.
3. Before deploying the gears, lessee must ensure the location and actual environment is suitable for the gear. JOYO will not be responsible for any accident or legal matter occurred in the rental duration. Should there be any damage or lost found after the duration, the lessee is responsible for compensation, please refer to the damage and lost compensation list for more details.
4. The lessee should check the rental gears’ functionality when they pick up the gears. Should there be any damage found on the rental gears, the lessee are advised to stop usage right away, and report to JOYO immediately.
5. After using the rental gears, the lessee should clean the gears right away. If JOYO determines extra cleaning service should be made to the gears when the lessee return, there will be extra cleaning fees charged to the items. Please refer to the detailed fees below:

Items categoryCleaning fee
Tent/Tarp/Backpack/Sleeping gearsHK$250
Cooking utensils/StoveHK$150

Camping gears lost and damage compensation

Item StatusCompensation
Lost pegsHK$30/each
Lost gearsOriginal price of gears
Hole on the tent/backpack80% of tent original price
Damaged gears (affect normal functionality)80% of item original price